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When it comes to your final arrangements, shouldn't you make the decisions?  The arrangements you make will reflect your exact wishes and desires.  Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden of your loved ones.  It will also alleviate any questions, problems or differences, which can occur among family members.

Pre-payment will protect you from the rising cost of prices, and it will not be a financial burden on your loved ones. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home by clicking the button below.  Fill in as much as you are comfortable with and we'd be pleased to meet with you to discuss further.  See the form below for details.

For further information, please call and ask to speak to a funeral director about topics such as; assigning benefits from an existing insurance policy; moving existing funeral pre-arrangements from another funeral home (transferable by law to any funeral home in the nation); or purchasing a funeral insurance policy from our staffed funeral director/insurance agent.  It is important to note that often times individuals will say that their funeral plans are "all taken care of" only to find out that their funeral plans have not been irrevocably assigned to a funeral home of the individuals choosing.  This is very important to note!  Funeral funds must be irrevocable in order to be protected for the funeral purpose.

Pre-Arrangement Form

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